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Latest Reviews
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 8:05:29 pm
    fucking morons
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 8:04:23 pm
    yea yea blabla i don't give a shit about you or what your little fucking brain thinks go watch your beyond shit
  • mahanta124 - 22-01-2017 8:03:40 pm
    *snap wrote it wrong woops
  • mahanta124 - 22-01-2017 8:02:32 pm
    did you even read it what was in the site? *sigh* not even gonna argue with you,can't make a blind man see and with a span of finger.(btw i don't give a shit about what fight with everyone on this site)
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 7:50:07 pm
    teenage bs
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 7:46:51 pm
    plus i was talking about homophobic bitches so mind your own shit damn the ppl in this show are as stupid as the show itself haha
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 7:45:10 pm
    yea they did dumb ass but hes also the god of betrayal in the mythology read again baby
  • mahanta124 - 22-01-2017 7:41:07 pm
    Meet the Greek Gods – Rick Riordan
  • mahanta124 - 22-01-2017 7:36:20 pm
    this is one the funniest thing i've ever seen. btw this is for you nevertheless: these are all the greek god's and there is no god of betrayal BUT the Greek's did write the new Testament.
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 7:02:10 pm
    but note that it's gonna be like that every fucking day until she stops commenting and trashing my comments
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 6:59:00 pm
    i don't care i told her to stop talking to me and worldsnowy love to call names and comment on others shit so why should i its her deal with her i don't fucking care her choice
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 6:53:14 pm
    oh and i'm loaded so i can do this wile shopping ;) so go away and stop humiliating yourself
  • lifeofcoding - 22-01-2017 6:52:48 pm
    Guys! grow up! Look at yourselves! Name calling, and arguing on a website's TV Show review system. I cannot visit this website without seeing you guys arguing like little children. Name calling really? Try being mature for once and go watch something else!
  • nevertheless - 22-01-2017 6:48:24 pm
    so wordfuckinsnowy didn't i tell you to stop talking to me ,but you don't fucking get it so i think u got a pretty good illustration of what the comments section will be if you don't start minding your own shit wich is a lot so do us all a favor and stay clear of me got it bitch,even the most retard girl can understand that bye now
  • cherry4180 - 22-01-2017 6:48:16 pm
    10 /10
    this show was amazing, brilliant!
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